“Chill Chocolate is dedicated to crafting the finest gourmet chocolate from high quality ingredients to ensure the greatest possible infused edibles.”

Located in the heart of California, Capitol Cocoa is one of the longest running edible kitchens.  Our expert Chocolatiers have been infusing premium grade cannabis with craft chocolate since 2010.

Capitol Cocoa has produced products that have won multiple awards such as 4 High Times Cannabis Cups including the 2015 High Times Best Edible in the world Cup, a Chalice Cup, 2 San Francisco Medical Cups, the 805 Cannabis Cup and the Intche Connoisseurs Cup.

The chocolatiers use fine crafted chocolate equipment from Belgium, custom molds and handmade techniques and tricks to create the best tasting product of the highest quality.

Our Commitment


Our oil is derived in-house from premium cannabis grows and fields. Our seasoned cultivators carefully select from only the finest raw organic botanical materials that are consistently inspected and tested for mold, yeasts and pesticides.


We STRICTLY use natural Co2 in our extraction process, NO butane, NO hexane or any other toxic solvents. While incorporating proprietary refinement methods involving advanced multi-winterization and filtration techniques that delicately preserve the essential cannabinoids and their synergistic properties.


We have carefully placed quality controls at every phase of production process. From cultivation to leaving warehouse, we inspect and test multiple times, internally and through multiple third party testing facilities to ensure accuracy in potency and full passes in residual and microbial screening. We feel it is our undying responsibility especially in an industry pending health and safety regulations.

Pure CBD

Our PURE CBD line comes from 100% CBD Rich Hemp Oil all naturally grown, and derived from Agricultural cannabis. All triple tested and certified. Clear of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents. Our PURE CBD tests at 98% and will always contain less than 3% THC.

Our Cannabis Oil

Our cannabis oils are specially crafted with three things in mind-quality, purity and consistency. Derived in-house from our very own cultivation, our team of specialists carefully select only the finest in raw organic botanical ingredients while utilizing state of the art extraction and refinement techniques to produce the highest quality in cannabis concentrates.